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Congratulations to our happy clients!

“We plan to have eight or nine properties by the time we retire. We will not need to rely on any type of government pension and should be able to help out our kids too if they need it…”

Timothy & Pamela Thoo

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“McCarthy Group helped me from the beginning. They worked out my finances in terms of where I could buy and what I could afford. They then got the financial arrangements with the bank done for me. They also organised the builders, the real estate agents – with every stage of investing.

I will do it again with McCarthy Group. I am quite excited and I am in a position where I am comfortable and my situation is better and I am confident about the future.”

Hilda Seima

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“The value I place in the McCarthy Group is that I firmly believe that it’s like having an extended family. We are all property investors and all have similar aspirations in wanting to be secure in retirement. We want our hard earned money working for us, not against us. Stephen ensures that the experience starts from the first interview right through the purchase process and again continues through your rental experience. Recently we have ventured out on our own and purchased our fourth property, and McCarthy still was able to assist to a large degree in securing our finance and altering the loan structures to best suit us. I found this assistance incredibly valuable.


As an informed investor, I like receiving weekly Stephen’s messages and web logs which keep reinforcing the concepts we have invested in, despite what the media and other preachers of doom and gloom might be saying at the time. These are logical, easy to understand and helpful. I also attend with interest the annual gathering in Canberra to find out the latest in the market.”

Leanne & David Wakeling

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“From the beginning to the construction to organising investment organising taxes… everything… it’s more than a one-stop shop. As the investor you don’t have to do anything. The other benefit from being involved with McCarthy Group is all the additional things they help you to do, taxes, solicitors, wills, life insurance protection etc. They know about negative gearing and finance so we don’t have to organise anything.”

Cynthia & Jari Teivonen

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“We are very happy with our investment property, it has exceeded our expectations.”

Gavin & Venessa Shepherd

“Having used McCarthy Group previously for our initial property, I found that you were just as helpful and committed to our second property. I would not hesitate to refer you and have already referred friends and family to your company.”

Nick & Renaye Meletis

Recently I received a beautifully presented book wrapped in a blue ribbon. I received the book on the completion of the construction of my investment property in the Smithfield Village in Queensland.

This was a completely unexpected gift from the McCarthy Group, which I am very grateful to have received. It demonstrates succinctly the level of detail and commitment that the McCarthy Group devote to your business in property investment and in delivering quality of product. I shall show it to friends of mine.

Mark Eastwood

“Great to work with you guys. You make us feel as though we’re your only customer; enthusiastically celebrating each milestone, promptly attending to each hiccup! (We’re not your only customer, are we??)”

David Horton

“We were unsure what to expect at first and, given past experiences (with other financial advisers) we were pleasantly surprised and reassured.”

Peta Odgers & Angela Newton

“We have known McCarthy Group since 2009 when we lived in Darwin. We now live in regional WA and are very pleased McCarthy Group have always kept in touch. We have found them most professional and courteous and easy to work with. Whenever we were wondering how things were going with our investment property on the other side of the country, we seemed to get a very timely phone call or email explaining exactly what stage we were at and what needed to happen next. They keep us informed all the way through which was important given we often spend long periods offshore – we always felt like we were in safe hands.”

Craig and Marlie-Jo Burgmeister

“We are looking forward to the day when we pay our home loan off, this was the primary reason we began talking to McCarthy Group. They helped us to realise the best way to get out of our debt was to actually go into debt, which is what we have done with two investment properties through McCarthy Group. We were naturally nervous and hesitant when you see all the paperwork at the start, especially for the first one. We were scared of the amounts however now it just seems like an ordinary part of the process and we really don’t give it all that much thought. McCarthy Group has always been available and willing to support us with information and answers which has left us feeling very much in control and in touch throughout the entire process, even though the properties are a long way away from where we live. McCarthy Group has always been available to offer assistance so we don’t feel we are doing this alone.”

Philip & Christie Stonham

“When I came across McCarthy Group it just felt like the right time and the right people. It all made sense. I satisfied myself with my own research and in the end, I trusted my instincts. My biggest worry was about getting tenants into the properties quickly. But McCarthy Group had organised tenants to move in the same day the properties were completed. It really was amazing – it was only 18 months later and I actually called McCarthy Group myself, saying I was ready to do it all again.”

Sharon Brady

“In a couple of years we’ll probably sell the Chatswood apartment and put the profit back into our family home. Depending on what the market is like at that time, we’ll assess it and maybe think about buying another house if it all makes sense. We want to travel and retire with a good lifestyle as well as be able to help our girls if they need it. Those are the goals we’ll be working towards.”

Julie & Eddie Bruce

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“We feel good, we feel relieved. Looking back we feel we couldn’t have been more supported – and I hate to think of how it would have been if we had tried to do it ourselves. With two daughters who both love to dance, our weekends are taken up already…”

Mark & Antionetta Sciacchitano

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“The McCarthy group did things that fitted us as people. Other people I have referred to them have taken other choices in the type and style of properties they have invested in. With McCarthy group your property investment is tailor made to fit you and your life.”

Peter & Christine Griffith

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“We’d had lots of discussions about investment property with people living around us, many of whom were investors themselves. We were very keen to get into the investment arena and the meeting with Mark really made sense. McCarthy Group’s concept sounded really well sorted out, they seemed to be very well organised, and they take care of all of the bits and pieces. It all seemed very doable, even easy, really. We were ready, and so we went ahead…”

Allan & Melanie Embury

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“McCarthy is totally professional with the emphasis on making the client feel welcomed, valued, secure and respected. Any issues that have arisen have been dealt with the consideration for how the client has been feeling, e.g. stressed, nervous, even panic stricken. At no time did I feel that my questions were ignored or that I felt abandoned. I love the friendly feedback and support I continue to receive from all the people working for McCarthy. I would and do recommend McCarthy Group to my friends, family and those how ask about my properties.”

Heather Clode

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It has been a fantastic experience. McCarthy kept us informed throughout the whole process and made each step so easy.

Anthony & Kylie Cutting

“McCarthy Group provides a very professional service, with no real hassles attached.”

Colin & Cathie Townsend

“Some of the paperwork we have received has been a bit overwhelming having never ventured into investment property before with so many parties involved. But, everyone I have contacted has been extremely helpful. Thank you.”

John Emanuel & Lynette White

“Brilliant! Stunning! Thanks for all you have done. Greatly appreciated.”

Steve & Debbie Coates

“We are very happy with the finished product. The house looks great and Neil went through all the details with us and spend some time explaining various things. We are both looking forward to getting this place leased. Cougar Homes do offer an outstanding product and should be credited for their exceptional work. You have obviously done your research in selecting their product.”


“Murdoch was very helpful in getting us heading in the right direction and answered all our questions thoroughly. All the legal paperwork seems to be all in order and they have been very happy to answer any questions we had. Cam, in your Finance Team, has been great! All paperwork and loans have gone smoothly and he has answered all our questions. Your Client Service Director, Michelle, has answered all our questions and everything has gone smoothly to date. We have recommended McCarthy Group to our friends.”

Greg & Sonia McFadden

“The Client Services Team was not just professional, courteous and helpful it was the personal, caring touches we appreciated thanks. From our first query, throughout the process, everything was handled brilliantly. We appreciated being updated regularly on loan progress, especially because we live so far away. We are always telling our friends how good it is to deal with the McCarthy team.”

Paul Hadley & Fiona Horton

“I would just like to say a very big thank you for all your assistance with our investment property. It was a huge decision, for us to commit to a property so far away from Western Australia. Having you as our property manager has made it easy for us as first time investors, we felt comfortable leaving our property in the hands of someone with your experience and knowledge. As our circumstances changed this year your continued support, understanding and advice was greatly appreciated by me. You were able to make a very difficult and emotional transition run smoothly. I wish you continued success, and all your future clients will be lucky to have such a hard working and trusted property manager, thanks again.”

Shelley Cotter

“When I was told this was all possible and that they could handle everything for me in the one place, I jumped in feet first… I never knew there was a group of people who could do it all for you. Other companies I had come in contact with would sign you up and leave you to do all the hard work, which I have no knowledge about. Michelle who looked after me is an absolutely awesome lady.”

Miranda Langley

“When Michelle told me that it was finished, and ready to be rented out, I was out to dinner with friends. I remember sitting back, letting it all sink in. As I quietly sipped my glass of wine, I said to myself, “Oh, that’s actually quite an achievement. I think I’ll just give myself a little toast to celebrate.””

Justine Franklin-Browne

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“We (my husband and I) are a young couple, age 29 and 30 with a 2-year old little boy and another bub on the way. We see ourselves as an average family on basic wages, nothing to boast about…

About six years ago when I first heard about McCarthy Group I sat down and realized that I wanted more to life than just my everyday job. They say some things are too good to be true. We like many others who are reading The Horizon newsletter took the plunge and invested with the help and support of the McCarthy Group…”

Audrey Taylor

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“When I first talked to McCarthy Group we looked at the figures and we realised I couldn’t afford it. I couldn’t really afford that extra couple of dollars per day or a hundred a fortnight etc. We looked the next year and I still couldn’t quite manage it. Then we caught up again a year later and then business was good and the figures worked. I’d paid a bit more off on my house and I could afford the couple of hundred dollars a fortnight I might need.”

Donna Spencer

“Invest In Property Now – Don’t wait to get into property investment in Australia. I look back on my life and I think I am quite old school. Your parents tell you you have got to save to get what you want. Consequently with my struggles in raising my family and my own house mortgage and education and everything else you couldn’t save much. Now I’ve started all over again and I’ve realised you don’t need that much money to get into property investment. We didn’t expect to be super rich but want to be able to have enough money to have a level of lifestyle that is going to be reasonable. When we are older and health issues come about then we will have some security money.”

Ilvana & Malcolm Odell

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“If you are looking to invest in real estate, but have no expertise in finance, law, economics or the property market, then you could either research each of these areas, or consult several experts. Alternatively you could just go to the McCarthy Group and let them take care of everything. The McCarthy Group is a one stop shop for purchasing an investment property. The qualified staff at McCarthy Group are a team who have expertise in the various fields necessary to create a sound investment portfolio in Real Estate. With many years experience in the real estate market in Australia, they are able to identify locations and property investment patterns that are likely to yield excellent results over time.

The team at McCarthy arrange finance, conveyancing, land purchase, insurance, management of the building and then arrange for property management. It is property investment made easy. All of this would be daunting if we tried it on our own. We found all the McCarthy team to be friendly, very helpful, and dedicated to customer service. They did not try to push us into a commitment that we did not feel comfortable with. Besides real estate services, McCarthy group also provide other financial services to its customers – such as assistance with tax. If you are looking to invest in Real Estate we could not recommend McCarthy highly enough. Our only regret is that we didn’t do this sooner.”

Rob & Tamara Stevens

“McCarthy Group is one of the best investment groups in the market today. We started our first investment property with McCarthy Group and have been very happy with the decision and the ongoing support McCarthy Group has provided since the time we signed up. So Thanks heaps! to all at McCarthy group that made it happen. We, now are proud owners of two investment properties.”

Afzal and Radhika Aga

“Very satisfied with all dealings. Couldn’t be happier with the service. Professional all the way. I hope to do it all again in a few years.”

Gavin Andrews

“The one-off fee was the major decider for us; no messing around with add-ons etc.”

James & Karen Laycock

“Given the difficulty with changes to legislation mid-settlement we felt McCarthy Group handles it very well and were very helpful.”

Libby Horton

“Cam’s patience and continued optimism, during the lengthy process, was especially appreciated.”

Steve & Lorraine Lacey

“I really was fighting what was drilled into me from birth, this thing about not borrowing money from banks. But what the guys from McCarthy showed me just made sense and it was so simple to understand, I was convinced pretty quickly that buying an investment property was a good idea… Now I made a promise to myself that I would have one investment property for each of my children. With five children that means I’ve got a way to go yet!”

Mark Goldsworthy

“We didn’t believe how quickly and easily we were able to build two houses in different areas at the same time. We hardly had to lift a finger. We certainly didn’t feel as if we were out of control at any stage of the process. Everyone in the McCarthy Group team was extremely helpful and very competent and always reliable; they always got back to us when they said they would. Nothing was too much trouble.”

Iain & Natalie

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