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It’s all about leverage.

McCarthy Money

McCarthy Money (a member of McCarthy Group) are our finance broking and taxation specialists. They will be your money manager for all of your loans and accounting needs.

Why Do You Need An Investment Loan?

Purchasing your first property is often very difficult, no matter how old you are. Given the various government schemes available, differing credit policies between the lending institutions, various persons involved in the purchasing process and the large amount of associated costs with a transaction such as this, it is a real minefield out there.

It is quite rare for someone to purchase a property without first borrowing money. Property investors tend to have larger than average amounts of debt due to the concept of leverage, where the idea is to hold multiple assets for an extended period of time at a low cost while the investment matures.

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What Is McCarthy Money And what Does It Do?

McCarthy Money (a member of the McCarthy Group) is a company specialising in finance broking and taxation who is available to partner with you through your various stages of life. Think of them as your money manager when it comes to all of your loans and accounting needs.

The best description for them is probably that of a “mortgage planner”. Rather than just trying to find you the cheapest rate via the 30 banks and lending institutions on their panel, McCarthy Money wants to work with you over an extended period of time to help you structure your finances and achieve your financial dreams, whatever they may be.

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Our Offer To Investors

Consultation is the key to designing the correct loan strategy for your individual needs. The amount of choice appears endless so it can be challenging to know what will work and how those choices will impact your financial well being. This is one of the many ways McCarthy Money helps you out.

They aim to take the guess work out of your decision on how to set up your loan structure. They will make recommendations for you (after getting to know your needs) and then complete a market analysis to determine the best possible structure.

Before then, be sure to check out the MyMoneyMap and MyMoneyCoach services on McCarthy Money so that you can plan out your financial future more accurately.

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Our Business Partners

We’ve partnered with some of the biggest and best so that you can have the best possible investment.

Banking giants are in constant competition for your business. We use this to keep interest rates on your investment loans as low as possible.

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