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Setting the Scene

I attended a seminar in the USA some time ago where the speaker made a bold claim. “Give me 5 minutes with you and I’ll predict your financial future,” he said. It seemed like a throwaway comment at the time, something to say to make sure that everyone in the room was listening. But looking back, I am confident that I could say the same thing!

The essence of what he was saying was that our upbringing determines our basic attitude to money. If you were brought up in a rich background you would have a totally different attitude towards money than if you were brought up in a middle class or poor background.

He went on to say that the poor and middle class focus on making just enough to meet the bills, with maybe a little to spare if they’re lucky. Many of them feel that achieving real wealth is beyond their reach, so they don’t even think about it. The whole message this guy was trying to put across was simply that our core beliefs on money were programmed into our psychology at an early age, and that many individuals are not even aware of their own beliefs!

Some habits are better than others...

Although from the outside some beliefs are easy to see…

What Blocks People from Investing?

The perception of wealth is what prevents everyday people from obtaining some form of serious financial success.

It is an unfortunate thing, but I see this every day. People who have the money, the job security, the equity, the cash flow, the need and even a very strong desire to obtain wealth, but who either never take up the opportunities presented to them or who cancel their opportunity.

I wouldn’t deny that the justifications I hear most often are based in logic; rising unemployment, or an uncertain economy. These are certainly true, but looking beyond the noise and clutter of the marketplace, it’s because of these conditions that the market is open for opportunities! Ever heard of buying fur coats in the summer?

Save home and money concept

The question is simply where, what and when to buy. Be sure to get the best advice with McCarthy Group!


Looking Towards the Future, Breaking the Chains

The Chief Executive of BHP, after recording an all-time record profit for an Australian company, was quoted as saying “I think that we shouldn’t confuse short term sentiment with what really drives our decisions, which is the long-term supply and demand outlook.” In simple terms, to be successful you have to look at the big picture over a long period of time, not get distracted by what might or might not be happening in the short term.

The real reason for people’s reluctance and inaction lies very deep, deeper than many of us can appreciate. It goes all the way back to our roots. If you were programmed to believe that owning an investment property will mean more responsibility and you are afraid of responsibility, then no matter how much you want wealth or to improve your financial position, you will find a way to sabotage any investment opportunity that can lead you to wealth because of this underlying fear.

Looking back at what you used to be afraid of, was there anything really there?

Looking back at what you used to be afraid of, was there anything really there?


If your mum and dad have told you “Don’t go into debt – if you haven’t got the money don’t buy it,” you will struggle with the concept of being in debt. Your subconscious will fight it, it will keep you awake at night, it will unsettle you and you probably won’t even understand why. Yet it is well-known that the only proven path to wealth is through debt, or leverage, as I prefer to call it.

This belief programming (“don’t go into debt”) has been handed down to many of us by our parents. And guess where they got it from? That’s right; their parents, the children of the 30’s, of the Depression, who came through a different era than that of today. And maybe that thinking was appropriate then, but it’s not in this day and age. Today’s reality is that if you don’t invest, then it is unlikely you’ll ever obtain any real wealth.


So invest early, and you will be able to enjoy your life later on! See the sights!

Summing Up

Breaking the powerful bonds installed at childhood and reinforced right up to this very day is unthinkable – that is, until you see how limiting they are. And how they, not all the other excuses, are the thing holding you back from leading the life you want to live.

I would highly recommend the book, “Secrets of the Millionaire Mind, Mastering the Inner Game of Wealth” by T Harv Eker. It will blow the smoke away that clouds your thoughts. It certainly did for me.

If you would like to learn more about breaking your own chains be sure to check out the McCarthy Group ‘Get Started‘ page to discover how your investment property journey can begin!

Kind Regards,

Stephen McCarthy

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