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Sixteen years in and we are just getting started.

Stephen McCarthy

I’m just the guy next door, with a long held dream to become financially independent. Years ago I was fortunate enough to have a mentor who showed me the simplicity and power of property as a tool for wealth creation. Along the way my dream became my passion, and then my career and business.

In the beginning I harboured doubts about my ability to become an investor. I focused too much on what could go wrong, and I didn’t trust myself despite seeing first hand my mentor’s successes. This is how I know firsthand how difficult it is to start, and I certainly understand the concerns or fears that any investor has.

Isn’t it true that if we don’t face our fears, we are only half living our lives? What is our true potential? We will never know until we try. Little did I realise that in overcoming my fear of failure that my own experiences would pave the way for others. For many investing in property, it’s a step into the unknown, and like any worthwhile endeavour you may need a helping hand.

One of my very first decisions was to give a name to this company. After much reflection I put my family name on the door as a statement that I’d stake my reputation on our trustworthiness and integrity.

I’ve learnt a lot from my years as a property investor. They have presented me with the opportunity to learn, develop techniques, and add more expertise, helping to build my team and streamline our methods that we now share with you today.

Kind Regards,

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Mark Harry

Senior Associate

Mark Harry is a McCarthy Group Senior Associate. At the age of 19 Mark invested in his first rental property and today he has a growing portfolio of investment properties. So when you sit with Mark to discuss your future investment plans he is more than qualified to advise, and he’ll explain everything in plain, simple English.

Michael Johnson

Head of Financial Division

Michael Johnson is Head of McCarthy Group’s Financial Division. Michael is a licensed credit adviser and is known for helping clients save hundreds of thousands of dollars off their mortgage payments. In conjunction with the Chartered Accountant, Michael is responsible for helping you to create your financial blue print.



Glenn Williams

Finance Consultant

Glenn Williams is a McCarthy Group Financial Consultant. Glenn has worked with many of the leading banks in a diverse range of positions from for both personal and business accounts. As a property investor he loves the property market, and believes this is the way to a secure financial future.

Michelle Melville

Client Services Director

Michelle Melville is McCarthy Group’s Client Services Director and is responsible for ensuring that every detail is taken care of during the construction of your investment property. Michelle’s journey with McCarthy Group began as a client, which allows her to anticipate your needs, and support you from beginning to end.



Wendy Jia

Registered Tax Agent

Wendy has been working in public practice for the past 7 years, and is specialised in personal income tax returns for property investors. She can assist you in determining budgeting costs per week for the property, designing ITWVs, through to negative gearing and capital gains calculations.

Geoff Findlay

Loans Administrator

Geoff Findlay is McCarthy Group’s Loans Administrator. Geoff has been on our team since 2008 and with thirty years of experience in the banking industry he knows a lot about loans, sometimes more than the banks themselves.

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